Saturday, October 8, 2011

2011-2012 School Year

The school year in Manila started August 24, 2011. Can't believe it, but Ashton is a 1st grader! It was a pretty big adjustment for us this year. In our school district, kindergarten is only a half day so this was the first year that Ashton would have to go to school all day. He was pretty tired when he got home the first few weeks, but it's been much easier since then. It was also a big adjustment for the other kids. Ashton is gone from about 7:40 a.m. to 2:50 p.m. so that's a long time without their big brother. So far, Ashton has done great in school! His class was pretty far behind in reading coming into 1st grade, so I was a bit worried. But he has been doing great on his reading and is even reading more words per minute than a 1st grade level. He is also getting ready to make the move into 2nd grade math. And not to mention that he's just an awesome student (even though his teacher, Kale's mom, is a bit biased I know this is the complete truth). Ashton has really been enjoying the fact that he gets to ride the bus home everyday after school, and he loves getting the eat school lunch everyday.

This school year also meant that Kamryn would be starting pre-kindergarten! Pre-K started the day after Labor Day. There are 17 kids in Kamryn's class (which is a lot for a class in Manila!), so they each go 2 days a week from 8:15 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. I was so, so worried about her starting Pre-K! She's only 4, but she's got quite the little attitude. I didn't really know if she would behave herself at school. Kale & I have been lucky so far, no tears were shed from either of our big kids on their first day of Pre-K. She went right in and was totally okay with me leaving her there. And she actually behaves herself when she's at school much to my relief! Lol!

Kalen and I are a bit lost on mornings when Ashton and Kamryn are both gone. They are the ones that keep Kalen entertained, so when they are gone it's all up to me.

CCJR Finals

Monday, September 5, 2011, was the Cow Country Junior Rodeo (CCJR) Series finals. Ashton had been leading the pee-wee mutton bustin' for the majority of the summer. He had a really good shot at taking 1st place and winning his very first rodeo buckle. He knew that if he made his 6 second ride that he would win the buckle. He got on his sheep for the ride, but unfortunately he only lasted about 3 seconds. He was devastated! He thought that he hadn't won the buckle. But I hurried and ran the numbers, and I figured that there was no way anyone could beat him. We had to wait until the end of the rodeo to find out the final results. When they announced his name, he was the happiest I've ever seen him! Kale and I were very pround parents. He won his buckle, and he's the official 2011 CCJR Champion Mutton Buster:)

Five Little Surprises...

On the afternoon of September 4, our family got 5 little black and white surprises: puppies!!! Our blue heeler Jenna had 1 girl and 4 boys. They are so, so cute! We let the kids help pick out names for them: the boys are: Duckling, Spot, Shorty, and Bull Rider; and the girl is Maleeya. Don't ask me where some of those names came from! Lol! They are about 5 weeks old right now and are really starting to enter the "puppy" stage. They are starting to chew and play with everything! They will follow you all around and attack your pants and shoes:) In another week, they will be ready to leave Jenna. If anyone is interested in one of the boy puppies, let me know. We are giving them away for free.

Slaugh Wedding

Kale's brother, Clint, also got married in July to Whitney Norton. They were married in Vernal, Utah, on July 30, 2011. The wedding took place at the Meier Residence. It was one of the most beautiful houses that I've ever seen! And the backyard was even better! It was completely landscaped with beautiful flowers and waterfalls everywhere. They had playground equipment, and they even had a huge pirate ship playhouse! It was amazing! And it sure did keep the kids entertained. It was a lovely wedding.

Unfortunately, Kale was not able to come to Vernal with us for the wedding. He couldn't get the night off from work. We were all really bummed! So the kids and I headed by ourselves. I took the kids to the dinosaur museum before the wedding. They love going there! We had Little Ceasar's pizza for dinner (love it), and I got the stay the night with the kids in a hotel. The next morning we got up and headed home. It was a fun little trip.

Mom's Visit/Sister's Wedding

My mom, who lives in Phoenix, got to come down for 6 days this summer to attend my sister's wedding! She was able to come stay with my family for a few nights, then headed into town to stay at the Hampton Inn where my sister's wedding reception was held. Her visit was great timing; she got to come watch Ashton ride in one of the junior rodeos held out here in Manila. It was the first time she's gotten to come!

My sister was married on July 16, 2011, to Adam Akers. The wedding ceremony was held at Centennial Park in Green River, and the reception was held at the Hampton Inn also in Green River. It was a great day! My sister looked beautiful and I'm so glad that she's so happy! The kids and I were all in the wedding. I was the maid of honor; Ashton & Kalen were the ring bearers; and Kamryn was one of the flower girls. My kids looked absolutely adorable!

Happy Anniversary!

Kale and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary on July 11, 2011! Can't believe we've already been married 8 years and have the three most beautiful kids in the world:) We dropped the kids off at my dad's house and went and had dinner at Applebees in Rock Springs. It was great to be able to spend some alone time together, even though it was only a few hours. Love you honey!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Trips to Salt Lake City

Kale and I have made 3 trips down to Salt Lake so far this year...and we've ended up buying something new every time we've gone down! Our first trip down was in March to go to the Sportsman's Expo. I had been looking at cars for almost a month before this trip. I wanted something that could fit more than 5 people in it. When my mom visited this last Christmas, it was hard because we had to take 2 vehicles everywhere we went since both of ours only sat 5 people. I had finally decided on a Mazda CX-9. There were a few available at different dealerships, but I decided to try Henry Day Ford first. It turned out to be a great deal so we bought it! I love having so much extra room! And now we are able to haul 7 people in my car. Ironically, our salesman at Henry Day Ford had previously been a social worker in Vernal so he knew all about this area.

Our next trip down was the beginning of June. We decided to take a day and take the kids to the zoo and aquarium. They had a blast! We were also considering trading in our camper for a toy hauler so we could haul all our camping stuff in one trip instead of two, and so I didn't have to pull anything. We decided to stop by Motor Sportsland just to check out what the toy haulers actually looked like inside. They happened to have a used one they had just gotten in. It was exactly what we were looking for so we bought that too! A few days later, we met them just outside of Fort Bridger with our new toy hauler. We love it so, so much! It's awesome to be able to just drive our Ranger inside and get everything to the camp in one trip. Plus we no longer have to carry a generator and gas cans with us; it's all built in to the toy hauler:)

Our third trip down to SLC was just this last week. Kale and I went this time without the kids. The purpose of this trip was to get a new truck. Ever since we've been married, we've always had a Dodge. Well last year, Kale decided he wanted a Toyota Tacoma. So we bought one. Since it wasn't big enough to pull our camper, we also had to buy another full-size truck. We ended up with my brother-in-law's 1997 Ford. Since we bought the new toy hauler, we didn't really have a need to have 2 trucks anymore. And Kale was really missing his Dodge, especially when he was pulling the camper. So I searched online for about a week and found some awesome trucks at a place in American Fork called Watts Automotive. We found a truck we liked and headed down at 6 a.m. As soon as we got there, the salesman pulled the truck we liked out of the garage and we instantly fell in love with it! I was sold before we even drove it! Lol! I definitely recommend Watts if you're looking for any kind of truck, especially if you like trucks with lifts and tires/wheels. From the time we arrived at the dealership to the time we drove off in our new truck was an hour and a half! By far the fastest vehicle buying experience we've ever had! When we got home, we took the kids for a ride up to our friends's house. Kale got a text from his friend Bubba who grew up in Manila and now lives in Green River asking where we got the truck. We were laughing earlier in the day about how we always end up with the exact same truck as Bubba, who also has a white Dodge. Well Kale called him and jokingly apologized for copying his truck again. Bubbe replied with, "You didn't copy my truck; that IS my truck!" Turns out, Bubba and his wife had traded in their white Dodge the week before at Watts and we ended up buying it without even knowing it!