Saturday, October 8, 2011

2011-2012 School Year

The school year in Manila started August 24, 2011. Can't believe it, but Ashton is a 1st grader! It was a pretty big adjustment for us this year. In our school district, kindergarten is only a half day so this was the first year that Ashton would have to go to school all day. He was pretty tired when he got home the first few weeks, but it's been much easier since then. It was also a big adjustment for the other kids. Ashton is gone from about 7:40 a.m. to 2:50 p.m. so that's a long time without their big brother. So far, Ashton has done great in school! His class was pretty far behind in reading coming into 1st grade, so I was a bit worried. But he has been doing great on his reading and is even reading more words per minute than a 1st grade level. He is also getting ready to make the move into 2nd grade math. And not to mention that he's just an awesome student (even though his teacher, Kale's mom, is a bit biased I know this is the complete truth). Ashton has really been enjoying the fact that he gets to ride the bus home everyday after school, and he loves getting the eat school lunch everyday.

This school year also meant that Kamryn would be starting pre-kindergarten! Pre-K started the day after Labor Day. There are 17 kids in Kamryn's class (which is a lot for a class in Manila!), so they each go 2 days a week from 8:15 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. I was so, so worried about her starting Pre-K! She's only 4, but she's got quite the little attitude. I didn't really know if she would behave herself at school. Kale & I have been lucky so far, no tears were shed from either of our big kids on their first day of Pre-K. She went right in and was totally okay with me leaving her there. And she actually behaves herself when she's at school much to my relief! Lol!

Kalen and I are a bit lost on mornings when Ashton and Kamryn are both gone. They are the ones that keep Kalen entertained, so when they are gone it's all up to me.

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